What You Need for a Home Golf Simulator

Ask any golf lover about how they wish they could bring golf into their home, and a typical response you will hear is for an in-home golf simulator. The technology for home golf simulators has never been better, especially with Golfzon leading the pack on unreal graphics and cutting edge technology that bring the golf experience right to your home.

If you’re thinking of finally taking the plunge and getting an indoor golf simulator for your home, there are a few factors to consider. These range from space requirements to design elements that will make your golf simulator space the best it possibly can be.

Purchasing a luxury golf simulator is an exciting time, but keep in mind it’s important to know where the golf simulator will go in your home and if you have enough space. You’ll also want to know exactly what you’re looking to get out of your playing experience before taking the plunge so you can plan your golf simulator room accordingly.

Top Reasons to Buy an In-Home Golf Simulator

If you’re just starting to think about adding an indoor golf simulator to your home, here are a few fantastic reasons you should consider.

1. Practice Golf Year-Round

For one, golf simulators allow you to play golf year-round. Any golf lover knows that the golf season doesn’t last forever if you live in a climate that doesn’t have sunshine and good weather all year. If you want to keep playing golf in the winter months (and even in the extremely hot ones), or you are looking for a way to keep your skills fresh before the next season, then a home golf simulator is a game changer.

From putting practice to PGA Tour courses you see the professionals play on television, you can really challenge yourself with plenty of different playing options. Experience your bucket list golf courses from the comfort of your home without a plane ticket.

2. Play With Friends and Family

Enjoy a fun golf simulator bar experience with friends and food.

Another great reason to purchase a golf simulator for your home is to play with friends. Host a Masters watch party and have a simulator round robin going on in the background. Make memories with your family by playing on the golf simulator together and help your kids learn the basics of the game through Golfzon’s fun arcade software.

Many in-home golf simulator owners start a simulator league or host tournaments for their friends. They make for a perfect entertaining activity and give you a chance to get together with friends for golf on a regular basis no matter the weather, as well as any time of day or year.

3. Compete in Virtual Tournaments

If you love competing in tournaments at your golf club, then you’ll really like participating in virtual golf tournaments. Unlike club tournaments, you can play as many times as you want in a virtual tournament to improve your standing. Plus, you get the opportunity to compete with players all over the world.

With network play, you can compete against other players with Golfzon golf simulators. Additionally, Golfzon hosts the Golfzon North American Tournament series and offers incredible prizes, which is a great excuse to get your friends together for some friendly competition.

Anyone who loves to compete and see how their skills compare to other players should have the experience of competing in a world-wide virtual golf tournament. And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house.

4. Improve Your Golf Skills

Improve your golf skills with Golfzon's block golf simulator game.

Finally, golf simulators are perfect for game improvement. Learn about your stats in real time and discover the areas of your game you can improve. If you have kids that you are trying to get into golf, having a golf simulator in your home is a great way to teach them important skills in a fun environment.

Golf simulators are fantastic for golf instruction, too, so if you’re able to hire a golf professional to give you some pointers on your game, a Golfzon golf simulator is regularly cited as the best golf simulator for lessons.

Everything You Need for a Home Golf Simulator

Before you start looking at golf simulator room configurations or even test out your ideal model, take the time to evaluate what you need in your home to make this dream a reality.

1. The Right Space for a Residential Golf Simulator Room

One of the prerequisites you need to have in order to put a golf simulator into your home is a designated space on your property. Some people have a basement golf simulator while others use an office, garage or even a shed. There is no right or wrong space, as long as it meets a handful of basic requirements.

The first requirement your residential golf simulator room needs is adequate space to fit the simulator, as well as enough room to play on it safely. Your space must have at least 11-foot ceilings. Then the simulator booth takes up 15 feet of width and 25 feet of depth.

In addition to this space for the booth, you also need extra space around the booth – or as Golfzon dubs it, the “safety zone”-  to ensure you have enough room to swing your golf clubs without hitting anyone or anything.

Finally, when thinking about the space, consider aspects of the room besides the simulator. Do you want other types of games, like a pool table nearby? Perhaps a large space for a basement golf simulator works best for you. If you’re concerned about sound carrying to the rest of the house, you may want to consider a garage or detached shed if you have that on your property.

If you don’t currently have the right space in your home, take any home renovations into consideration when evaluating your home golf simulator cost. Golfzon is happy to work with you and your contractor as you design your golf simulator room.

2. The Design Elements of a Cool Home Golf Simulator Setup

Make your home golf simulator room your own with Golfzon's fun ideas.

As mentioned above, your golf simulator room will likely have more than just the simulator in it, especially if you plan on entertaining in the space. This is an opportunity to make your very own golf man cave or she shed. In addition to plenty of space and comfortable seating, here are some other items you might need to complete your home golf simulator setup.

Make your golf simulator room an entertaining oasis with all the right touches. Having a kitchenette or a bar nearby is perfect for setting out drinks or snacks. Or if you want to have a game room feel, adding a dart board or foosball table nearby will make your home fun central.

Decor is also a fun way to spruce up the design of your home golf simulator setup. Put your favorite golf memorabilia on display, like hats, flags, golf balls or more. Adding some fun touches to your space will make it a place you enjoy spending time.

Another consideration? High quality speakers for playing your favorite tunes while you challenge your friends to another round.

3. The Home Golf Simulator With the Best Possible Playing Experience

An indoor golf simulator for the home is a big investment, so it’s important to know you’re going to have a top-of-the-line model that satisfies your in-home golf dreams. Choosing the right home golf simulator with the best technology is no small task, which is why there are a few criteria you need to consider as you make this decision.

Ask yourself what elements make the best home golf simulator in your mind:

  • Lifelike graphics?
  • Diverse golf course options?
  • A realistic playing experience?

Make a list of the most important features to you so you can determine which luxury home golf simulators check all of your boxes.

For example, someone who wants a simulator with highly realistic graphics and beautiful golf courses will want to pay special attention to which models offer this. Graphics and virtual versions of over 200 real-world golf courses are some of the many features that set Golfzon apart and make it the best indoor golf simulator. The TwoVision simulator features 130% crisper graphics and the courses have been mapped so precisely, you’ll really feel like you’re at Pebble Beach.

On the other hand, if the ease of the playing experience is most important, consider the features that make playing on your indoor golf simulator hassle free and most similar to (or even better then) playing on the golf course.

The first piece of technology that comes to mind when thinking about creating a realistic golf experience is the moving swing plate. The swing plate, paired with the multi-surface mat, gives you the realistic golf experience you’re looking for by recreating real-life golf course conditions in your home.

If you’re facing a downhill lie, the swing plate moves to mimic the angle of the slope, allowing you to face the same challenges you would on the golf course if you were physically there. Likewise, the surfaces on the golf hitting mat allow you to hit the golf ball from the fairway, rough and bunker whenever appropriate. You can even accurately putt on Golfzon golf simulators.

As much as Golfzon home golf simulators are able to recreate on-course conditions, they’re also able to provide a playing experience that’s even better than one you’d have outdoors. The highly sensitive sensors recording every swing are able to give you data and instant feedback, clueing you in on ways to adjust and improve your game.

Another feature that rivals outdoor play is the auto-tee system, which means unlike on a real golf course, you don’t have to go chasing golf balls or bending over and teeing up your next shot over and over again; Golfzon’s technology takes care of automatically teeing for you, so you can relax and enjoy yourself, all while keeping up a great pace of play.

An in-home golf simulator is what many avid golfers dream of. As long as you’ve taken the time to consider the proper space requirements, the ways you’d deck out your golf simulator home setup and the technology that’s most important to your playing experience, you’re ready to select the Golfzon golf simulator that’s right for you and make your dream a reality.


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