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Wave Golf Simulator and Launch Monitor

This dual use simulator and launch monitor features the industry’s first putting mat for true short game accuracy. With 140+ virtual courses available from the #1 brand in golf simulators, play with up to 6 players at once or network with other Waves for the best simulator experience from a launch monitor. The easily portable launch monitor with indoor and outdoor flexibility tracks 34 ball and club data points with video swing replay to give you every piece of information you need to improve your game. (software and app not compatible with all devices)

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Golfzon is the global leader in golf simulators with over 20 years of technology innovation and over 87 million virtual rounds played on Golfzon simulators annually. Now, that innovation continues with the introduction of the Wave. Using the Vision software from the award-winning TwoVision software family, the Wave allows you to play 140 world famous golf courses painstakingly rendered down to every blade of grass.

A woman swings an iron shot using the Wave launch monitor golf simulator at an indoor simulator facility

The best simulation experience from the best in the business

The industry’s first putting mat allows you to play every stroke of the round, competitively – from teeing it up to holing it out. The Vision Wave software offers an ever-growing course list, stroke, scramble and arcade game modes, the ability to play with 6 players at once, and network with other Wave launch monitors anywhere in the world. This is a simulator experience with no limits.


The industry’s first putting mat to analyze every swing

We all know the phrase — drive for show, but putt for dough.
Golfzon’s Wave brings analysis to the most important strokes to your scores with the industry first putting mat.

A golfer uses the Wave at an outdoor course tee box

Dialed-in Data

No other launch monitor provides this level of data paired with the best simulation experience for this price. The Vision Wave software offers an ever-growing course list you to aggregate your data, view video replays of your swing, save videos and notes, and share them with others. This is how you dial in a swing and take an average round to a career low.

Precision Putting

Combined with the 26 data points captured by the tri-sensor radar in the launch monitor, the multi-sensor infrared putting mat allows you to analyze an additional 8 putting specific parameters;

  • putt distance
  • putt direction
  • putter speed
  • putt speed
  • putt impact ratio
  • putter backswing speed
  • putting tempo
  • total putting time
Golfer Matthew Wolff readies a put using the Wave launch monitor golf simulator at a covered outdoor driving range


Easily portable, but packed with tracking power

Daylight and weather won’t stop you and the Wave. With both indoor and outdoor functionality, and a portable carrying case that fits perfectly into a golf bag, you can get your swings in anytime and anywhere you get the golf itch. Together, the launch monitor and putting mat track and store:

The Wave launch monitor software tracks a number of statistics in an attractive visual display
  • total distance
  • back spin
  • carry
  • side spin
  • ball speed
  • roll
  • club speed
  • height
  • launch angle
  • club path
  • launch direction
  • face angle
  • smash factor
  • face to path
  • spin rate
  • attack angle
  • spin axis
  • dynamic loft
  • spin loft
  • deviation distance
  • landing angle
  • flight time
  • shot type
  • curve distance
  • swing plane
  • swing direction
  • total distance
  • launch direction
  • club speed
  • ball speed
  • impact Ratio
  • backswing speed
  • tempo
  • total putting time
The Wave launch monitor software tracks a number of statistics in an attractive visual display

Software & App

Man using the Golfzon Wave as an indoor golf simulator.

Vision Wave Software

Experience golf like never before with VisionWave software. Whether you’re seeking casual family entertainment or intense 18-hole showdowns, immerse yourself in the virtual reality of over 140 renowned golf courses. Elevate your game by using the industry’s first ever putting mat, ensuring a true-to-life putting experience, while also perfecting your skills on the course. With multi-player capabilities and network play, connect with fellow Wave users anytime, anywhere, and take your golfing adventure to new heights.

*only available on PC

Download Vision Wave
Women using the Wave Skills App

Wave Skills App

Enhance your game play with the Wave Skills App, a user-friendly tool that seamlessly connects your Wave to your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet. Elevate your performance by accessing 34 distinct data points, analyzing your swing through video replays, and monitoring your ball flight.

*compatible with iOS and Android

Download Wave Skills

Replacement Parts

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the space requirements for indoor setup?

Place the launch monitor 6.5 to 8.2 feet behind the hitting area with the ideal hitting area of 20x20in square. The screen or net should be a minimum distance from ball to screen/net of 11.5 feet. If you have issues please watch this setup video.

What are the computer requirements for the Vision Simulator software?

Microsoft Windows 10-64bit or Windows 11-64bit and 70GB of installation space is required to install the Vision Wave Software.

How many courses come with the Vision Simulator software?

You can play 3 courses for free with your purchase of the Wave: Rope Club; Kiawah Island Ocean Course; and Casa de Campo, Teeth of the Dog. You can add 15 more for $199 a year and 140 for $399 per year.

How do I download the Wave Skills App?

The Wave Skills app connects your Wave to your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, and is compatible with iOS and Android.

How long does the Wave battery last?

The lithium ion battery lasts for up to 4 hours of continual use.

What is the warranty on the Wave?

The Wave comes with a 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase.

How does returns or replacements work?

All returns and replacements are handled through our customer support portal.

What is the size and weight of the Wave?

Launch Monitor is 5.3 x 7.2 x 2.3 inches (24.9oz) and Putting Mat is 14.0 x 12.1 x 1.4 inches (37.2oz)”

Where is the explanation of the Vision simulator software?

For a full demo of our Vision Simulator software please watch this video explainer.