Spice Up Your Golf Simulator Room With These Accessories

When it comes time to purchase gifts, whether holiday gifts or birthday presents, you may be wondering what you could buy for the owner of a home golf simulator. No matter where this friend or family member has their home golf simulator, whether in their basement, garage or guest bedroom, chances are they want their space to be fun and well-designed.

Many Golfzon customers have taken the time to create entire golf man caves or she-sheds to make the space where they can enjoy virtual golf a fun, well decorated space that they want to spend time in. Especially if they love to host and have people over, having the right accessories in the space their golf simulator is in can make all the difference.

So if you’re shopping for the owner of a luxury home golf simulator, a fantastic gift idea is to give them accessories or décor that they can proudly display or use in their home golf simulator room. Think memorabilia, fun beverages and golf accessories. We’ve put together a list of winning ideas that are sure to be appreciated by the virtual golf lover in your life this holiday season.

1. Stock the Bar With Craft Beer or Select Wines

Enrich your home golf simulator room with the perfect golf accessories.

It’s very common for those with home golf simulators to have a wet bar or full bar nearby so they are easily able to enjoy refreshments while they play. Hosting friends and drinking beer while playing a round of virtual golf is many people’s idea of a dream weekend activity.

If the person on your list particularly enjoys craft beer or is a wine aficionado, taking the step to stock the bar near their golf simulator is a good gesture. Not to mention you’ll surely be able to take part in your gift the next time you’re over to play a round in their golf simulator room.

2. On Theme With Golf Memorabilia and Souvenirs

Whether you have someone in your life who already collects golf memorabilia or someone who might want to start a collection, finding special items like signed golf flags, golf grips, shirts or headcovers from favorite professional golfers would make an excellent accessory for a home golf simulator setup.

Someone who likes a vintage look might love displaying an array of old golf hat styles from over the years or historic issues of golf magazines showing off famous wins. A thoughtful gift like this is a great way to give them something personal that will really wow anyone who visits their home.

Another idea, especially for someone who loves to travel and has a golf course bucket list, would be souvenirs from specific golf courses, like flags or even ball markers. Extra points if they come from one of the over 200 golf courses you can play on a Golfzon golf simulator.

Finally, souvenirs for that bar they have in their golf simulator room or basement golf simulator could be appreciated. Think souvenir glasses, coasters or even shot glasses from their favorite golf clubs.

3. Golf Training Aids for Game Improvement

Many people with an indoor golf simulator for their home use it primarily to keep their skills fresh throughout the year and improve their game. With this in mind, something that might go hand-in-hand with this goal is other indoor training aids like a putting mat or indoor net. Helping your friend improve their game might be the most valuable gift of all.

This is also perfect for when you’re entertaining and some people might want to practice off to the side while someone else takes their turn on the simulator. This way, everyone gets a chance to enjoy a little fun and improve before they step up for their turn.

4. Golf Balls to Use With the Home Golf Simulator

Every golfer could always use more golf balls, and if you’re shopping for someone with the best home golf simulator, they’re going to need them. They’ll surely be appreciative to always have a golf ball to use with the auto-tee feature in their Golfzon home golf simulator so they can keep the game moving.

But this handy gift doesn’t just have to be golf balls to use to play. There are so many special souvenir golf balls that they could use as décor in their golf simulator room. Think golf balls with the logo of their favorite golf course or sports team, or even custom golf balls with family photos. These are great to display and still fit with the home golf simulator setup.

5. Neon Signs to Brighten Things Up

Neon signs are really having a moment. It seems like everywhere from sports bars to coffee shops now have a neon sign with a fun message or quirky icon. There are tons of golf-themed neon signs that will add some fun and character to a basement golf simulator space, or wherever the home golf simulator setup is.

If you want to get really personal, consider a custom neon sign with their name and “golf man cave” or something similar. Or if they have a golf quote from a favorite player, you could get a custom neon sign that says that. The possibilities are endless and the payoff is big for this statement piece.

6. Artwork of Favorite Golf Courses and Iconic Moments

The most classic way to spruce up a space is putting framed art on the wall. With so many iconic golf moments, it’s easy to find a poster, photograph or piece of artwork showcasing a favorite moment from golf history and getting that framed.

Or if there’s a particularly beautiful golf course that holds a special place in your loved one’s heart, finding a painting or photograph of that place could transport them there everytime they look at it.

7. Playful and Fun Golf Head Covers

Not everyone likes to use funny golf head covers on the clubs they take to their golf course, but having some playful club head covers on the golf clubs you only use at home can be fun. Perfect conversation starters for when guests come over to play in the golf simulator room, funny headcovers allow you to show off personality in the comfort of your own home.

8. Framed Photos of Friends and Family on the Golf Course

Finally, another idea for wall art are thoughtfully framed photos of golfing with friends and family that they’ll want to remember forever. Photos from a buddy golf trip or the first time they taught their kid to swing a golf club are all moments worth remembering and memorializing near their indoor golf simulator for their home.

9. Make Playing Comfortable With Golf Gloves

No one wants to deal with calluses or blisters on their hands, especially if the golfer in your life is using their virtual golf simulator daily or weekly to relax after a long day.

Give them a gift they’ll really appreciate using with their golf simulator in the form of durable golf gloves. They’ll be able to use them with their home golf simulator and even take them with them out on the golf course.

10. A Golf Bag for Their Golf Simulator Clubs

With all the sets of golf clubs that might be floating around between the golf course and their golf simulator, you’ll be a hero if you get them a golf bag they can use to keep everything organized. A staff bag is just the thing.

Unlike a golf carry bag they’d take with them all over the golf course, you don’t need to worry about comfort or the ability to carry this golf bag, which will largely remain stationary in their home golf simulator room.

This bag can be a little more wild and personalized than something they might choose to use on the golf course. Think bright colors, monograms or even the colors of a favorite sports team or their undergraduate school colors. Give them the gift of keeping their room tidy and organized with a space for everything they use to play screen golf.

11. An Upgrade to Their Golfzon Golf Simulator

Upgrade your home golf simulator to Golfzon's TwoVision today.

While not an accessory, strictly speaking, an upgrade to their Golfzon simulator would be a big ticket gift that your friend or family member would absolutely appreciate.

If they currently have a Vision Premium, now is the time for them to upgrade to the TwoVision, Golfzon’s most advanced virtual golf simulator yet. With improvements to the software and hardware, the TwoVision is screen golf like they’ve never seen before.

The TwoVision has even more sensors to capture your performance, 130% sharper graphics and more surfaces on the multi-surface hitting mat, just to name a few of the differences. Experience unreal and upgrade to TwoVision for the best home golf simulator available.

The right décor and fun accessories can make any golf simulator come to life and make it the perfect oasis to relax and spend time with loved ones. Make the virtual golf experience more comfortable, fun, relaxing and enjoyable with the right gifts, décor and playing accessories.

For any occasion, the gift of an accessory for someone’s home golf simulator setup is perfectly thoughtful.


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