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A Golfzon golf simulator booth at an indoor simulator facility at a restaurant

Grow Your Golf Simulator Business with Golfzon

Create an unforgettable indoor golf experience that brings guests back again and again.

Top 3 Reasons Commercial Golf Simulators Grow Your Business

A server smiles as she carries a tray of bar food to customers using Golfzon golf simulators

Pair with food and beverages for the ultimate golf simulator bar experience

A group of friends clink their drink glasses together at a table behind Zstrict's Golfzon simulator booths

Host birthday parties, corporate retreats and more

A golfer readies a shot while listening to advice from her golf coach at a Golfzon golf simulator booth at an indoor teaching facility

Offer golf lessons, weekly leagues and virtual golf tournaments

Golfzon’s Recommended Indoor Golf Simulator for Your Space

Golfzon's TwoVision+ software is versatile and perfect for any golf simulator franchise or business.
TwoVision Sensors Split

High-speed Camera Sensors – High-speed camera sensors combine to calculate ball and club data in real-time. Witness ball flight in less than 0.1 seconds, the shortest latency on the market.

TwoVision Kiosk

Touch-screen Kiosk – Utilize the touchscreen to add players, select courses, adjust settings, and more. Take advantage of the kiosk while on the driving range to access ball and club data. No keyboard or mouse is required to operate this kiosk.

Two Vision Swing plate

24-Direction Moving Swing Plate – The only 24-Direction hydraulic moving swing plate on the market that matches your exact on-course lie up to 15 degrees

Golfzon Multiple Hitting Surfaces

Auto-tee – Never bend down to pick up a ball again. Set your preferred tee height at the beginning of your round.

Two Vision Showroom

Multi-surface Hitting Mats – 5 Distinct hitting surfaces including: Fairway, Short Rough, Long Rough, Fairway Bunker, and Greenside Bunker.

LED Putting Guide

LED Putting Guide – On select game modes while on the putting green, an LED light will appear to give you a “line” to simulate as a caddie would on green grass.

Simulator Features:

  • 24-Direction Moving Swing Plate
  • Multi-surface Hitting Mats
  • LED Putting Guide
  • Auto-tee
  • High-speed Camera Sensors
  • High-speed Camera Sensors (Left Handed)

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Golfzon's TwoVision+ software is versatile and perfect for any golf simulator franchise or business.

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