Vision Standard New

Experience unreal technology with Golfzon Vision Standard golf simulator.

Vision Standard Simulator

Golfzon Vision Standard is our foundational high speed camera sensor golf simulator.

Golfzon’s Core Technology

Two high-speed camera sensors, auto-tee technology, original touch screen kiosk, and a 8 directional moving swing plate with high-end graphics, changed the simulator game.

Key Software Features

Virtually join other golfers in the Golfzon National American Tournament circuit, where you can play the same golf courses as the pros and win incredible prizes.

Golfzon’s tri-layer course mapping process provides golfers with a meticulously designed experience with every inch of the golf course taken into consideration. Vision Software boasts Golfzon’s full course library, over 200 world-famous golf courses.

A golfer swings while using the Golfzon Vision Premium simulator

Sharpen your skills with the Driving Range, Approach Range, and Putting Arena before you even hit the course.

The Best Indoor Golf Simulator

Play indoor virtual golf on the best simulators, powered by Golfzon.

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