Vision Premium

Experience unreal golf simulator technology when you play a Golfzon Vision Premium.

Vision Premium

Our most advanced technological features
deliver unparalleled accuracy for the ultimate
indoor golf escape.


Golfzon’s unmatched, best-in-class hardware replicates real-life course and playing conditions.

Golfzon Simulator moving plate

Moving Swing Plate

Omni-directional swing plate that matches your exact lie up to 15 degrees.

Hit off the fairway, rough and bunkers with Golfzon's golf simulator hitting mat.

Multi-Surface Hitting Mats

Fairway, rough and bunker golf hitting mats simulate real playing conditions.

Experience fairway, rough and bunker lies on Golfzon golf simulators.


Set your tee height and never pick up a golf ball again.

Golfzon golf simulator camera technology

T1 Ceiling Mounted Cameras

High-speed cameras that accurately measure ball characteristics at launch to simulate your real ball flight.


Golfzon’s tri-layer course mapping process provides golfers with a mesmerizing HD experience that is meticulously designed with every inch of the golf course taken into consideration. Vision software boasts over 190+ world-famous golf courses, including St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Kiawah Island, Harbour Town, PGA National and more.

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